Ronda de un Cuitrufe
Original text is a rhyme poem is Spanish by
Bautista Linares, Aucapán, 1979

“Let’s go to the party, said the priest
It’s in a rancho (very poor house made of mud), said the carancho (kind of bird)
It’s far away, said the rabbit.
As far as two miles, said the mare.
You may see the lights, said the ostrich.
Through the spill, said the lizard.
They are all old, said the weasel.
Will there be wine? Asked the skunk
The sediment, said the vixen
I’m going to drink something, said the greyhound.
Let’s go to the “boliche” (pub), said the “piche” (kind of bird).
I will pay, said the turkey
Let’s drink “caña” (alcoholic drink), said the spider.
I drink “Gancia” (aperitive), said the heron.
I drink gin, said the snake.
I drink “moscato” (cheap wine), said the cat.
I drink whisky, said the eagle.
Step by step white underwear
The candle has extinguished, said the sheriff.”.

0.57 x 0.76 mts.

Gouache on Lanaquarelle paper. Folded Pen.

Year: 2002