Necessary people

Calligraphies in walnut ink & gouache, pastels and colour pencils on Magnani Bianca & Ingres papers.

The book is wrapped in handmade paper in the Furoshiki style with a ribbon and it maybe displayed in different ways.

Size: 70 x 35 cm.
Year: 2010

This commission was made by a group of friends to celebrate the 50 year old birthday of one of them. The poem belongs to Hamlet Lima Quintana and is known as "Necessary people" and was chosen by the client.

Juany's tea book.

Unique book hand made with original calligraphys, photos and detalles in watercolor.

Paper: Canson Mi Tientes, 180 gs
Coptic binding, hard cover with labels specially designed with parts of my own paintings.

The little book matches an artwork on the same theme.

Size: 17 x 19 cm.
17 pages
Year: 2010

This book was design for a teen ager for her 15 year old birthday.
Each cup of tea has a paper tab with the girl´s personal characteristic.
Each photo is followed by a quote from different authors on the tea subject.

Confirmation Book

It has original watercolors and calligraphy on Canson paper, 145 gs.
The text is a story I wrote for her.

Size closed: 14 x 18 cm.
Size displayed: 140 mts x 18 cm de alto

I made this little acordion book  for my eldest daughter, Mora on occasion of her religious confirmation.

Buenos Aires, sketches from the Bicentenary

Printed in Modigliani Neve, 145 gs.
Binding on hard cover by Carlos Quesada.

Size: 23 x 28 cm.
Year: 2009

This prototype was designed to be printed in a limited edition as a coffe table book with watercolor paintings by Daniel Salaverría and texts by Andrea Jaúregui.
The book takes us through different emblematic neighbourhoods and buildings of Buenos Aires city.

Moon, moon, moon…
give me health, love and fortune.

Unique book printed on a personal HP with original calligraphies, coloures prints and Sumie-e watercolors.

Modigliani Neve paper, 145grs and Strathmore paper, 300grs for the Sumie-e watercolors

Coptic binding in embroided silk made by Carlos Quesada as well as the box. There is also a memory box made by the same binder that compliments the set.


Size 21 x 29 cm
Number of pages: 70
Year: 2009

The book was commissioned by Mercedes Echevarrieta and is part of her biography.
It gathers all her childhood photos together with texts from her memories written
by Isabel Krisch.

First experience with a real manuscript, Arezzo 2008

Year: 2008

Created within the workshop "Books by Hand" organized by Monica Dengo. in Arezzo, Italy.

This book is based in the detailed study of a carolingean manuscript. The students were challenged to develop and create an alphabet.


The workshop distinguished the best books with an award from the Arezzo's Library Collection. My book received this award.

Cultivating friendship

Watercolours on sumie.

Number of copies: only one.

Number of pages: 40.

Year: 2007

This book was made for my husband’s 50th birthday. The flowers made on sumie are a selection of flowers taken from his garden which go together with letters from his friends.

The book was bound with fabric and paper and includes a case.

It was given to him wrapped in the oriental way, in stretchy fabric matching the colours.



Printed book available in the market.

Traditional binding.

Number of copies: 1000.

Number of pages: 345.

Year: 2006

This book is an autobiography requested by an Italian immigrant, Antonio Ravini. The book contains illustrated chapters with photographs of his times and calligraphic texts which go before each chapter.


Childhood garden

Number of copies: only one.

Number of pages: 16 plus covers

Year: 2005

This book was made to commemorate my daughter Mora’s 10th birthday. It reproduces a song which my grandmother used to sing when my sister and I were little.

It is totally made on printed fabric with cloth flowers and stones.

The calligraphic texts were made on Japanese paper, organza sewed with gouaches and sumi ink.



Bleach on Dimagraf paper coloured afterwards with pastes and quill pens in black.

Number of copies: 5

Number of pages: 32

Year: 2006

This book was made to take part in an international contest of illustrated books. The text belongs to a friend writer, Andrea Jauregui. The design and illustrations are mine.

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The way life has treated me

Designed in Quark for Mac.

Printed on Scotia paper.

Number of copies: only one

Number of pages: 55

Year: 2006

This book was made on request by a group of people who wanted to edit a series of e-mails sent for years by a school partner who lived abroad.