Poster for First International Binding Competition.

Gouaches and ink on Magnani Bianca paper.

Size: 25 x 35 cm.

Year: 2011

On request by EARA (Encuadernadores Artesanales de la Rep. Argentina)

Thousands of year ago

Watercolours & Walnut ink on Magnani Bianca paper. Embroiding threads.

The text belongs to the famous textile artist Ruth Corcuera from the book: "Weavers of the quichua forests".

Size: 20 x 70 cm.

Year: 2010

On request by María Eugenia Ferrero. From a poem by José Hernández.

Brothers (& sisters) should be united

Watercolours & Walnut ink on Magnani Bianca paper. Embroiding threads.

Text from the epic poem, the Return of Martín Fierro.

Size: 20 x 70 cm.

Year: 2010

On request by María Eugenia Ferrero. From a poem by José Hernández.

Verde que te quiero verde

Walnut ink, watercolours on Schoeler paper, 300 grs.

Original text from Federico García Lorca.

Size: 50 x 70 cm.

Year: 2010

Commission by Claudia Bártoli.

To the world's garden

Gouaches, inks on Magnani Bianca paper.
The original text belongs to Walt Whitman.

Size: 35 x 50 cm.

Year: 2010

This work was commissioned by Ale Cácharo for his wife as a gift in their 10 th marriage aniversary.

True Tea Lover

Calligraphies in gouaches and watercolor on Magnani Bianca paper, 185 gs.
Box and cup of tea with plate.

The original text belongs to a Chinese poet and it is written in English:
"The first bowl sleekly moistened throat and lips. The second banished all my loneliness. The third expelled the dullness from my mind, sharpening inspiration gained from all the books I've read. The fourth brought forth light perspiration, dispersing a lifetimes troubles through my pores. The fifth bowl cleansed every atom of my being. The sixth has made me kin to the Immortals. This seventh... I can take no more."
Lu Tung, Chinese Poet

Size: 50 x 90 cm.

Height: 20 cm.

Year: 2010

This artwork was created for a teenager, for her 15 year old birthday.

Each tea bag was designed in the computer using the Photoshop program. The background patterns are parts of my own artworks. The labels on the tea bags were designed on Illustrator creating a brand with the girl´s name. The tea bags were handmade and each one represents one year in her life. The tea cup & plate are real objects and the tabs have personal characteristics of the teenager.
The hole artwork was assembled in a box lined with the tea labels.

Sophia's Magazine

Year: 2010

Sophia's magazine, specialized in women themes, requested to write and packed a series of fans to be handled as gifts within a NuShu conference. The art of calligraphy NuShu was designed to communicate secretly among women in ancient China.
The text was written with walnut ink in the front and in the back of the fans. They were wrapped with Origami papers and tightened with a ribbon and a sticker with the companies logo in the oriental manner.

Ex libris, box and seal

Year: 2009

Revista OSDE

Year: 2009

This was a comission for the OSDE magazine (Health insurance company) to ilustrate an article on latinamerican constitutions.

I thank you God for most this amazing day

50 x 60 cm.

Gouaches on Rives BFK paper. Ilustrations on Strathmore paper
Original text in english.

Year: 2009

On request By Cecilia Ball for her niece María Zorroaquín.
Poem by E.E. Cummings.


45 x 65 cm.

Sumi & gouaches on Ingres paper. Diamonds on silver leaves.

Year: 2008

On request By Koenraad Foulon as a gift for her daughter.

Text Risk by William A. Ward.

Gardiner's song, dyptic

42 x 78 cm.

Walnut ink, gouache on Arches Text Wove. Japanese brushes and nibs. Seal.

Year: 2008

On request by Ines Sotomayor.

From a poem by María Elena Walsh for her little daughter Frida.

Dr. Moran

35 x 50 cm.

Ink and sumi on Strathmore paper. Quill pens and brushes.

Year: 2005

On request by Dr Carlos Moran.
Poem written by one of Moran’s patients.

If, Rudyard Kipling

21,6 x 35,6 cm.

Water colours on parchment paper.

Number of copies: 5.

Year: 2006

On request by Joan Crouch.
Project to copy a text based on the clients’ needs.
Copy from the original delivered by the client.

If, Rudyard Kipling

60 x 70 cm.

Sumi and gouaches on Magnani Bianca paper.

Year: 2007

On request by Patricia Figueroa.
This work was requested by a mother who wanted to give her children, who lived abroad, a calligraphic work based on the text “IF” by Kipling.
Following her daughter’s taste, I got inspiration in Summertime by Jackson Pollock. After a couple of sketches the final design was produced.
I enclose the preliminary sketches which weren’t used due to the lack of legibility.

If, Rudyard Kipling - Diptych

30 x 90 cm. each.

Water colours on parchment paper.
Sumi, Dr Martin’s gouache and Walnut ink on Magnani Bianca.

Year: 2007

On request by Patricia Figueroa.
This is the second work for the same person; in this case the choice of style was freer.

Alphabet Prescription for Happiness

40 x 100 cm.

Walnut ink, gouaches and silver layers on magnani Bianca paper.

Year: 2006

On request by Victoria Miles.
This project was requested by a mother as a graduation present for her daughter. The text refers to an alphabetic prescription for happiness.
Each of the letters of the alphabet was created by using my own bovine alphabet inspired on the cattle marks. The last sign corresponds to the family’s cattle marks.